See what our guests are saying about Brooklyn Nosh

I had a blast this past Saturday touring some great local Williamsburg eateries, seeing some inspiring art and learning about the people and neighborhoods we visited. Colin is a fantastic tour guide and balanced all the tastings perfectly. If you are in town wanting to do some noncoventional sightseeing through some of Brookyln’s best neighborhoods, I would definitely go on this tour
— Mark B.
Such a fun time! We did the Williamsburg/Greenpoint tour and it was marvelous -the food is incredible, and Colin is so knowledgeable. It’s very well paced, with visits to art galleries and public art breaking up the “noshes” and giving you time to digest. I intend to go back to all of the restaurants that Colin introduced us to :) Do yourself a favor and go!
— Nick C-S
The tour was so much fun and a great way to see Williamsburg! The restaurants, bakeries and art galleries Colin took us to were all top-notch. Overall it was a super fun and delicious afternoon!
— Evan L.
The tour was absolutely fantastic and I would enthusiastically recommend your tour to anyone either residing in or visiting Brooklyn who is looking to explore some of the best culinary treats that Brooklyn has to offer. I thoroughly appreciated the variety (and quantity!) of foods that we had the opportunity to taste and as a vegetarian, I was very satisfied by the alternative foods offered at carnivorous-centric stops.
A great way to see Brooklyn! Highly recommend it for tourists and locals alike. Colin, the host, does a great job of integrating history, food and art into a throughly enjoyable, cultural experience. And since it’s a walking tour, you don’t have to worry about all the eats hitting your waist line.
— Jeremiah C.
Since there were so many things to eat, I also really appreciated the chance to visit a variety of art installations and galleries, giving me a larger view and deeper impression of the spirit and vitality of Brooklyn, while also providing interludes to digest before the next tasty experience. The personal insight and explanations of local sights and attractions provided along the way really created an engaging experience from beginning to end. Overall, I am very happy to have had the chance to experience this tour and look forward to spreading the word and attending other tours in the future
— Travis D.