Q: I'm so excited about my tour I can barely stand it! Is cash at the start of the tour alright? Or do I pay in advance for this highly memorable experience?

A: Although cash would be appreciated, all deposits in full must be made before the tour begins through PayPal at BrooklynNosh@Gmail.com.

Q: If I ingest grilled octopus with fresh lemon, my throat closes up. What do I do about my food allergy?

A: Please let us know about all of your food allergies when you sign-up for a tour, as well as if you have any food aversions, are gluten-free, a vegetarian, a vegan, or any other pertinent details. As a side note, vegetarian and vegan tours are offered, so be sure to keep you eyes open for those on our schedule.

Q: As there is currently no moving walkway through Brooklyn, how much walking are we actually doing?

A: The specific length of each tour varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, but each tour is around 3 hours, and a little over 3 miles each.

Q: Wow, what an amazing food tour! I want to give my amazing tour guide a huge tip! Is this included in the price of the tour?

A: Gratuity is not included in the price of the tour. Brooklyn Nosh recommends a 15% - 20% tip for the tour guide for bringing you this unique food tour experience. 

Q: The weather prediction says it's going to hail, there will be acid rain, and an unusual cloud seems to be following me! What happens with all this bad weather? 

A: Although the weather can be unpredictable, tours will continue rain, snow, or sunshine. Please dress accordingly, and don't forget your galoshes. 

Q: Can I bring my dog or be "that person" with a cat on a leash?

A: Although we love your furry and feathered friends, you will have to leave them at home, as Brooklyn Nosh is not able to accommodate them on the tours. 

Q: I'm distracted by shiny things. Can I buy those shiny things when the tour is similarly distracted by BK's best cookie?

A: We would like to request that you stay on the tour path with the guide at all times, and write down the places you would like to return to. 

Q: I have fourteen different outfits picked out for this tour. But just what exactly should I wear?

A: As this is a walking tour that is spent largely outdoors, we recommend a comfortable pair of shoes, sun screen, and especially to dress for the weather. 

Q: I've lived in Brooklyn my whole life, have never left the borough, and single-handedly made the cronut cool in BK. What will this tour offer me?

A: The majority of attendees on the tours are New Yorkers themselves. We promise that even if you have lived in NYC your whole life, there will be plenty of culinary delights you will be pleasantly surprised by. 

Q: I haven't eaten for 3 weeks in preparation for this exciting tour! But how much food do I actually get to eat?

A: Each tour will have between 7 - 9 noshes. A nosh could be a quarter of an artisanal donut, a street taco, a few slices of BBQ brisket, the best Vegan blondie (thank you 'Cake in a Crate'!) you've ever tasted, or a surprisingly light falafel. You should certainly bring an appetite. 

Q: The G Train and the A train and the N train and the L Train are all delayed. So what happens that I'm now late?

A: Not to worry! There is always a "late location meet-up point" built into each tour for those who are tardy.

Q: Am I able to reschedule my place on the tour? Will I lose my deposit?

A: Unfortunately, once you have put down a deposit, we will not be able to return it, as we do not accommodate rescheduled attendees on the tours.

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: The tours are generally for ages 16+, but we do offer family tours that are shorter in length. There is a fair amount of standing and walking on our regular 3 hour long tours, so parents please assess on an individual basis if you think your child is ready for an experience such as Brooklyn Nosh. If you are planning on bringing your child, please let us know ahead of time.

Q: I don't like people or animals or really most things. But I love Brooklyn walking food tours. Can I book a private one?

A: Brooklyn Nosh does accommodate private tours. Please indicate by Email at BrooklynNosh@Gmail.com the number of attendees that will be attending the tour as well as the date.